Teams will consist of 4-6 players ( including a designated captain ) who are rated at the same USTA level ( 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 ) or self- rated using USTA guidelines.

A captain may invite a maximum of 2 players to " play up" one level on a team, but they may not be partners in any match.

Teams will play two courts of doubles matches.

2.5 an 3.5 teams will play on Monday @ 9am

3.0 teams will play on Friday @ 9 am

All matches will be played at the Bossier Tennis Center.

fee & Registration

Registration fee is $ 20 per player plus applicable court fees.

Season starts September 11th , 2023 and we are more than happy to help you find a team.

You can register with a jotform below.

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Mission Statement

To encourage the growth of tennis among ladies in our community and at the Bossier Tennis Center.

about us

The Bossier Ladies Tennis (BLT) is a community of tennis ladies who enjoy tennis, each other, and volunteering. They have helped numerous times with local tournaments, the junior tennis programs, the Tennis Apprentice program for beginners, on-site elementary school tennis days and after school programs.
BLT also provides financial support in a variety of ways. Approximately one- half of all BLT fees collected have been used to support are programs and events or improvements at BTC which makes a total of $ 2454 donated to tennis events, programs and individuals. BLT provides tennis balls for their play days, door prizes, awards and food for their end of the year luncheon.
In 2019, the Bossier Ladies Tennis receive the ACE Award from Louisiana Tennis Association to recognize community excellence at the local level by patrons of the Community Tennis Association.
Board Members are: Ann Allred, Terry Shinn, Glenda Martin, Barb Peterson, Sonia Killen, Pam Haley, Kaye Cochran, Bonnie Cox and Gloria Smith.